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Our aim is to offer practical IT solutions for businesses, freeing them to concentrate on their core services and products.

Keystroke operates on a co-source model, sharing knowledge with clients to reduce reliance on us and lower overall costs. We tailor pricing models, offering fixed rates or flexible time and material options for each project phase. Clients have the freedom to assess project progress at each stage and may engage multiple vendors for different project aspects.

With expertise in Unified Process and Agile methodologies, our teams cover everything from project management to testing and support. Backed by over 70 years of combined experience in finance, our leadership ensures top-tier service in both financial and public sectors.


Tailored IT solutions, shared knowledge, flexible pricing, and expert team support.


Networking for talent. Permanent or Contracting. Skills and culture alignment ensured.


Expert IT consulting: tailored solutions, talent alignment, and strategic support services.

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