We will use our network, built over many decades, to find the right people for our clients who prefer the permanent resource model. We work together with the client and potential candidate to ensure the correct skills and culture fit.

The people we employ cover the full spectrum of the systems development life cycle.

We will abide by the clients’ recruitment fee policy with a minimum placement fee of 15% of candidates annual cost to company. This fee is exclusive of VAT.

We provide a 90-day guarantee period and should either party terminate the agreement within this period for any reason whatsoever; the client can decide to either receive a credit or instruct Keystroke to replace the candidate.

KSAs…Knowledge, Skills and Abilities…a list of special qualifications and personal attributes that one need to have for a particular job. These are the unique requirements that we will find in the person selected to fill a specific role.

The primary purpose of KSAs is to measure  “the qualities that will set one candidate apart from the other”. KSAs are defined as the factors that identify the better candidates from a group of resources basically qualified for a position.

How well an applicant can show that he or she matches the positions’ defined KSAs determines whether that person will be seriously considered for the job.


Statements refer to an organized body of information usually of a factual or procedural nature, which if applied, makes adequate performance for that role. A body of information is applied directly to the performance of a function.


Skills can be readily measured by a performance test where quantity and quality of performance are tested, usually within an established time limit. Examples are skill in expressing software knowledge in a logical way in defining business requirements.  


Statements refer to the power to perform an observable activity at the present time. This means that abilities have been evidenced through activities or behaviors that are similar to those required on the job, e.g. ability to plan and organize work. Abilities are different from aptitudes. Aptitudes are only the potential for performing the activity.

We have a vast network through past experience which works in our favour in finding the best suitable candidate for the given job requirement.