Our goal is to provide clients with information technology solutions to business challenges thereby enabling the client to focus on their core services and product offerings.

Keystroke adopts the co-source model which ensures knowledge transfer to the client, which reduces their dependency on us, leading to a lower cost of ownership. We will adopt the pricing model best suited to the client, either on a fixed price or time and material basis. We quote on each phase of the project within the systems development life cycle. The client can decide the feasibility of continuing the project after the review of each phase. The client may also choose to use multiple vendors within a given project, for example, one will be tasked with the architecture and design and another with the construction phase.

Keystroke is skilled in both the Unified Process and Agile methodologies. Teams are built with the appropriate skills and include competencies from Project Management to Testing and Production Support. Our people are subject matter experts in the financial industry and Public sectors.

The leadership team have a combined experience of over 70 years in the financial industry.

Keystroke's Value Offering

Keystroke will adhere to and apply the best suitable Framework that matches the clients requirements and in the implementation of their projects. The framework provisions relevant processes and governance.

Our core technology focus is on Microsoft, Oracle, Java and IBM.


Architectural Approach and Business Analysis

Keystroke will base the project approach on sound architecture principles. This approach will ensure that the implemented solution is tightly aligned to the business requirement of the client. Keystroke’s use of a solid architectural approach, established frameworks and good practice methodologies, will ensure the most appropriate alignment of the solution with the business requirement. Keystroke’s design will therefore represent a well-aligned solution design to support the business of the client.

Application design and development capability

Keystroke has a broad base of technology skills, which will be applied to analyse, design, deliver and support the required solution. Keystroke employees have a long-standing track record in delivering large complex solutions within the public and private sectors.

Application Management and Support capability

Keystroke has a vast pool of technical resources who can support developed applications in the public and private sectors. Due to our huge network built over many decades we can provide service at a competitive price.

Our Financial Industry Skills and Experience

The Keystroke management team have over 70 years combined experience in solutions development in the financial industry. The team and our people are subject matter experts in the financial industry especially in the insurance sector.

SunGard Compass

The Keystroke management and staff have a vast amount of experience in the SunGard Compass package, from management to deployment which includes project management, configuration, analysis, development, training, quality assurance and deployment.

We also have the capability with working with other financial packages especially in developing custom functionality and integrating to these packages.

Integrated Solution Offering for Insurance using IBM Insurance Framework

Keystroke has gained an enormous amount of industry knowledge in the insurance and banking sectors. The founder and the directors have got more than 70 years of combined experience in the Insurance and Banking industry.

Insurance Framework Solutions: IBM Insurance industry Framework

Improved Time-to-value

  Never start from scratch, with pre-built accelerators
  Assets certified and tested on IBMs industry strength software

Reduced Risks and costs

  Pre-built insurance assets reduce cost of development
  Common reference architecture

Enterprise Service Bus

An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a software architecture model used for designing and implementing communication between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). As a software architectural model for distributed computing, it is a specialty variant of the more general client server model and promotes agility and flexibility with regard to communication between applications. Its primary use is in enterprise application integration (EAI) of heterogeneous and complex landscapes.