Youth Development Program

Keystroke is an IT Software and Consulting company which is passionate and committed to improving people’s lives and continue to invest in the Youth Development Program. This program was devised and implemented as an advanced program to guarantee successful certified IT resources within their respective competency across the System Development Life Cycle. The program benefits four parties, The Client, The Youth, Keystroke and the South African economy:

  • The client is positioned to balance its cost of economies by employing more junior than senior resources, thereby reducing and sustaining a lower cost of ownership
  • The youth is now an employed, qualified IT professional who can support themselves and their families
  • Keystroke has a revenue stream and can employ more people and guarantee its sustainability
  • South Africa will decrease its unemployment statistics which will lead to a better economy.

The Process:

The Youth Development Program forms part of the BBBEE codes of good practice and Keystroke is especially enthusiastic about our participation in the ‘Send Me’ challenge given to us by our president. The Send Me Challenge can easily be achieved if all South Africans positively contribute, from a personal and/ or business perspective, to build a better South Africa for all. This contribution can be anything – small or large.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority at Keystroke Holdings. The key principle that drives our social responsibility is the upliftment and advancement of the youth in our country. We focus on charities which have a drive to instill positive behavioral change in people and promote a thriving society:

Western Province Rugby Football Unions Development Programme:

Proudly supports the South African Government’s policy to deliver and sustain sports by means of this dedicated program. The key outcome is to create a change in mindset of our youth by keeping the learners occupied during and after school with sport and hereby escaping the socio-economic challenges faced within their communities.

It is against this background that the leadership of the union adopted the strategic plan of the union – Towards 2020 –. The plan seeks to “be the leading rugby union in the world” with a mission of “always to succeed with integrity – in rugby and in life”.

In 2014 Western Province Rugby introduced the Hubs Development Project with the following main objectives:

  • Introduce and promote rugby at schools not playing rugby as a sporting code
  • Provide learners at school with a life skills and extra-mural activity during and after normal school hours
  • Provide educators with coaching skills and an opportunity to apply these skills
  • Using volunteer coaches based in the regions to assist with coaching
    Many of the coaches on the programme struggle to find employment as they lack work experience – empowers them to then enter the employment market
  • Teach basic life, rugby and sport skills to learners
  • Providing access to rugby and sport to learners
  • Allow learners an opportunity to play in tournaments and stadiums
  • Create opportunity for learners to live an active lifestyle away from drugs and gangs

To sustain this project and strive towards their project goal of introducing 3500 learners every year into the game of rugby for the next 5 years, we need to understand the challenges they face and therefore corporate social investment in this programme is a rewarding way to contribute to our community.

Girls and Boys Town South Africa:

Their mission is to create opportunities for youngsters between the ages of 6 to 18 years to be educated, develop skills, and to grow and develop into responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to family and community life. These are normally young ones that will not be suitable for foster care. With professional intervention and programs, the children are making remarkable progress. Apart from the centres where we care for 350 children on a permanent basis, they provide training and counselling to children, teenagers, parents, educators and care-givers in all communities of South Africa where more than 20,000 lives are positively influenced per annum.

Each residential facility is equipped with an IT Learner Support Centre where the youth gets training in IT skills, do their homework and tasks as well as receiving extra tutoring in subjects where needed. Not only do the learners benefit, but also youngsters in the communities who need extra lessons and guidance in certain subjects. With the support offered by our IT Learner Support Centres and its staff, a definite positive impact is made on the Learners school subjects (education) as well as their very necessary IT Skills. These centres mission is to educate, grow and develop these children into responsible and independent citizens.